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The Influence Of Caffeine Intake On Sleep Quality And Relaxation.

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Discover how caffeine intake can impact your sleep quality and relaxation. Learn about the effects of caffeine on sleep latency, sleep duration, sleep fragmentation, and sleep architecture. Understand how caffeine interferes with the circadian rhythm and disrupts your sleep-wake cycle. Explore the metabolism and half-life of caffeine, and how it can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Learn about the physiological responses to caffeine consumption, including its impact on the central nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure, and hormone production. Find out how caffeine can influence psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and cognitive performance. Understand the role of individual differences in caffeine sensitivity and how it can affect your sleep quality. Finally, discover the association between evening caffeine intake and evening sleepiness, and how caffeine can exacerbate sleep-onset insomnia.